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Choosing a position at the poker table matters a lot more than you might think. Your position can have an impact on how each hand goes and will make it either easier or more difficult for you. We’ve taken a close look at which position is best for your gameplay and where you should look to sit when playing.

Where to sit

This is where the confusion starts. You don’t get to choose where you sit for every hand, your position changes based on where the dealer, small blind and big blind are. As this changes on every hand, you won’t be able to pick a position that will guarantee you’re in a positive position for every hand. Any high-quality online casino guide will inform you of this when you begin playing.

So, what exactly does choosing your position mean? Well, to put it simply, it means you must think carefully when choosing to play. Whether this is online poker or at a real-life table, the choice of your position will have a similar outcome.

Position selection

The very best poker players will choose to play when they are in a good position on the table. This means that unless they have a particularly good hand, they will fold when they are in a poor position. So, what exactly does it mean to be in a good position?

First, we must understand where the different positions are at the table. So, the small blind and big blind are both early positions. The player after the big blind is also in an early position and this is also known as under the gun. The next player is in a middle position and the remaining players, including the dealer, are all late positions.

When you are in these positions, it will have an impact on when the best players choose to play. If you watch a lot of high-classpoker, then you will see when the best players generally choose to play. While most people would think that most hands are played from an early position, this isn’t the case. The top players usually play from a late position.

Why is the late position best?

There are several different reasons why this is the case. However, there are a few that stand out as the most important ones. The first is because you get access to more free cards. So, for example, if you need just a single card to get a flush, then you will have the opportunity to see the card before acting, unlike your opponent’s playing from an early position. It means that you will have a better chance to complete a winning hand without having to bid to check.

You will also have control over the pot. You can decide when to check, when to call and when to raise. It means that you will be able to control your bankroll much more easily. This is one of the biggest positives to playing from a late position.

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